what to wear

Corporate Headshots


If you are working in a corporate environment, then it is important that you are wearing the right type of clothing that is common in an office. Many corporations have conservative dress codes, and you want to be sure that the clothing in your picture is the type of clothing that you could wear when you are going to work each day.

As a general tip for both men and women, it is best to wear long sleeves in a corporate headshot, because the bare arms are often distracting. Many people consider bare arms to be inappropriate in a corporate headshot

Coordinate to the background


Find out what your background will be before you pick your clothing. If the background is white or light. Consider medium to dark colors and tones for more contrast. If the background is black or very dark, you can wear light or vivid colors. I usually recommend against white clothing because the eye is drawn to the lightest part of the image. I offer 3 different background colors for your headshot session, grey, white or black but can accommodate different colors. Please ask when inquiring if a specific color is needed. 



 Make sure that your clothing is modest, because it is a bad idea to reveal too much skin in the picture. Choose a classy corporate style which shows that you are serious about your career. For example, you might choose a nice blouse or a collared shirt, paired with a suit coat and slacks or a skirt.  When it comes to jewerely.  I prefer none but if you insist on wearing jewelry please make sure that you choose jewelry to match your outfit. The jewelry should add a nice accent to the outfit, without detracting from the overall appearance of your photo. 



Always wear a collared dress shirt, and you might also consider a suit jacket. If you want to add individual style to the photo, then you may consider options such as v-neck sweater over your dress shirt, or a tie that makes a statement.



Don’t cut or dye your hair right before the shoot, especially men since stylists tend to cut hair a little shorter so it looks like it’s at its proper length about 2 weeks later. A new haircut also looks its best after at least a week, and colored hair looks more natural after 1-2 weeks’ worth of shampooing.

If you have a beard, trim it evenly so it’s nicely groomed. If you’re going clean-shaven, get a good shave before your headshot. Darker colored beards tend to be accentuated in photos- trim it well so it’s not too thick. Knowing that plucking can leave red marks, and bleaching can irritate skin, be sure to do these things a couple of days before your session.



If you normally wear glasses and have a strong prescription, or glasses with no anti reflection coating, we do advise that you visit your opticians and either borrow a pair of blank frames or or get them to remove your lenses for the shoot. As we can have problems with reflection and refraction. I’ll shoot some shots with and some without glasses if you prefer. You might like to bring along a couple of pairs of frames.